About us

Bivouac of the Dead (ourcivilwar.com) is a web “magazine” produced by Tom Henry . This “magazine” will focus on events leading up to the war, the war itself and the historical memory of that war.

I welcome you to our site. It is indeed an honor that you are here and I hope that you like what you find. I do, whoever, feel compelled to warn you of a few things. This site is not now, nor ever will it be a politically correct attempt by pin head academics to rewrite history. This site will attempt to always present the facts as the record reflects, pose some possible interpretation and honor all of the men and women of that era.

This site is neither a polemic for the Confederate or Union causes nor will it be an apology. There will be a real attempt to find the stories, learn the lessons and honor those that are deserving of honoring, as we delve into OUR CIVIL WAR.

We will produce some interesting content surrounding any number of topics ranging from the lead up to the war, the individual battles and leaders, historical memory, military, political and legal history of the era, slavery and abolitionism, labor and capitalism, empire and foreign affairs.

We will also produce:

  • Review essays of civil war related sites, services and products.
  • Book reviews of both older and new works in the field.
  • Reviews of films, digital archive collections, websites, museum exhibitions, and interventions in other media.
  • News updates on matters pertaining to civil war topics occurring today.

We invite interested experts (both professional and amateur) of all fields, methods, and orientation to submit manuscripts, proposals, and the names of other scholars who might contribute to the site.

My Biography

I have been fortunate to have held a number of very interesting and diverse jobs over the years. Those jobs have ranged from being a newspaper reporter (twice), restaurant and retail single unit store manager (numerous), restaurant multi-unit manager, a Christian bookstore manager, an online hospitality management recruiter, pastor, video store manager and I even worked for a funeral home for a time. I am now a news editor for the Blytheville Courier News, a regional newspaper in northeast Arkansas.

I have three college degrees (from Arkansas State University and Arkansas Northeastern College) including a Master of Arts in history.

I spend all of my non-work time with the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. Her name is Lillie Caroline. Together we have four adult children. She is without a doubt the answer to many years of my fervent prayers. I have never been happier than I am now!

In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, traveling (especially to historical/civil war sites), learning, intellectual discussion and singing. Carol and I live an hour north of Memphis and we love to go “walking in Memphis, ten feet off of Beale” as often as we can.

My Contact Information
You can contact me via my personal email at tom@tomhenry.org .