Contributors sought – guidelines

We highly encourage college students, graduate students and lifelong so called amateur historians to participate in this endeavor as well. We desire to hear from people representing all walks of life and wish to provoke a lively, informative, educational, forum for all.


  • Preferred manuscript length is no more than 12,000 words, exclusive of endnotes.
  • Author’s name and institutional affiliation (if any) should be included.
  • Illustrations, tables, and maps that significantly enhance the article are welcome and encouraged.
  • Regarding general form and style, please follow the Chicago Manual of Style if written as a formal academic paper.
  • If article is written as an informational piece, but not necessarily for academic purposes, then the style requirement will be much more relaxed.
  • Please include your name, telephone number and email address.
  • All work submitted must be exclusive for our use and may not appear in any other journal or publication.

We have no quotas of any kind with regard to authorship, topic, chronological period, or methodology—the practitioners via their submissions determine what we publish. Authors must guarantee in writing that the work is original, that it has not been previously published, and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere in any form.

We reserve the right to make slight editorial changes.

We will then hold the copyright for all material published on this site “as original.” After a work is published, we will grant the author, upon written request, permission to republish the work, without a fee, subject to the author giving proper credit of prior publication to this site. All other reprintings by third parties require the approval of the author and are subject to any reprint fee that the author requests. We set a standard fee of $100 in addition to whatever fee, if any, that the author requests.

Book Reviews

We desire to invite all interested parties to review each new book on antebellum and civil war era topics. In an attempt to be sure that we do not overlook willing, qualified reviewers, we invite scholars including “amateur historians” in the field to inform of us of your desire to review any book. Simply submit an original book review using standard industry style. Please be sure to also submit your credentials or background thereby demonstrating your proficiency and research in the various topics discussed.